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Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

ACCC Advisory Council


ACCC Advisory Council

The ACCC Advisory Council is comprised of cooperative and university leaders who provide suggestions and guidance for the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center's cooperative education program. Pictured above (left to right): Ron Benson, Allen Featherstone, Terry Kohler, Brian Briggeman, Dave Lemke, Kent Stamper, Leslie Kaufman, Dave Christiansen, Christine Wilson and Alan Woodard.

ACCC Advisory Council History

The Arthur Capper Cooperative Center has been fortunate to have so many different Advisory Council members who have been able to serve for a number of years. While these members gave stability to the Center, new members were constantly added who brought new ideas to enhance the Center’s educational program.

The Center is grateful for the advice and expertise of its members and acknowledges the contributions they have made to the organization. Because of their support, the Center is able to continue its growth and looks forward to increasing its activities to further cooperative education.


Appointed by KCC

*Anderson, Paul, 1984-1985

Andra, David, 2000-2004 (deceased)

Axtell, Jim, 1997-1999

Benson, Ron, 2014-present

Blick, Dennis, 1993-2012

Breeding, Patrick, 1988-1989, 2003-2006

Brill, Dave, 1999-2000

*Broeckelman, Bob, 1984-1985

*Carpenter, Byron, 1984-1993

Cashier, Dan, 2015-2016

Caviness, Don, 1985-1986, 1987-1988

Christiansen, David, 2004-present

Clubine, Irv, 1996-2003

*Dooley, Jim, 1984-2005

Dyer, Tony, 1997-2004

Eck, Steve, 1986-1987, 2003-2012

Eilert, Allen, 2006-present

Fenner, Mark, 2012-present

*Foulks, Harley, 1984-1990

*Francis, Darwin, 1984-2005

Gabehart, Charles, 2014-2015

*Gwin, Fritz, 1984-1994

Jirak, James, 2016-present

*Kantola, Nancy, 1984-1985 (deceased)

Kaufman, Leslie, 2008-present

Koehn, Ron, 1993-1994

Kohler, Terry, 2004-present

Lemke, Dave, 2013-present

Lieber, Joseph, 1986-2003 (deceased)

Lynch, Marvin, 2007-2008

Magette, Steve, 2008-2010

McClelland, John, 2006-present

Morrison, Gary, 2000-2003

Needham, Ed, 1987-1988

Nichols, Dennis, 1986-1987, 1988-1989

Pesek, Mike, 2005-2012

*Rapp, Galen, 1984-1985

Ray, James, 1995-1996                              

Rogers, Lynn, 1989-1992

Schlickau, George, 1994-95

Schmitz, Regis, 1994-1995

Sherrick, Don, 1986-1996

Stamper, Kent, 2006-present

Strecker, Junior, 1989-1990

Studebaker, Dave, 2010- 2012

Taylor, Edward, 2012-2013

Temaat, Sylvester, 1989-2000

Ulery, Byron, 1991-1992, 1995-2005

Williams, Mitch, 2012-present

Woodard, Alan, 2012-2016

York, Bill, 1992-1993


Appointed by KSU

*Barton, David, 1984-2011

Bernardo, Daniel, 1995-2005

Boland, Michael, 1997-2010

Brester, Gary, 1993-1997

Briggeman, Brian, 2012-present

Buller, Orlan, l993-1994

Crespi, John, 2001-present

Duncan, Steven, 1989-1992

Featherstone, Allen, 1992-present

Fox, Sean, 2006

Hendricks, Nathan, 2016-present

Johnson, Marc, 1986-1992

*Kelley, Paul, 1984-1988 (deceased)

Lambert, David, 2009-2013

*Manuel, Milton, 1984-1985 (deceased)

*Phillips, Richard, 1984-1988

*Riley, John, 1984-1988

Schroeder, Ted, 1989-1993

Schurle, Bryan, 1989-1991, 2007-2008

Stiegert, Kyle, 1994-2001

Wilson, Christine, 2011-present


* Founders and members of the first Advisory Council in 1984-1985.