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Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

Journal of Cooperatives V20  -  2007

Research Articles

Jeffrey S. Royer and Darnell B. Smith. "Patronage Refunds, Producer Expectations, and Optimal Pricing by Agricultural Cooperatives" (PDF)

Rajendra K. Gurung and James R. Unterschultz. & quot;Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Choice of Pricing and Payment Practices by Traditional Marketing and New Generation Cooperatives" (PDF)

Julie A. Hogeland. "An Interpretation of the Competitive Yardstick Model Using Critical Discourse Analysis" (PDF)

Christina Berlin and Lyusk Ola Erikson. "A Comparison of Characteristics of Forest and Farm Cooperative Members" (PDF)

Case Studies


Teaching and Outreach


Book Reviews

Mike Boland. "Truman Torgerson: Leadership Straight from the Shoulder" (PDF)


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