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Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

Journal of Cooperatives Volume 25 - 2011

Research Articles

R. Srinivasan. "The Cost of Risky Debt in Cooperatives" (PDF)

K. Jensen, C. Clark, B. English and R. Menard. "Preference for Marketing Arrangements by Potential Switchgrass Growers" (PDF)

A. Higuchi, M. Moritaka and S. Fukuda. "The Impact of Geographical Distance on the Performance Evaluation of a Peruvian Cocoa Cooperative: Acopagro Cooperative Case Study" (PDF)

Case Studies


Teaching and Outreach

G. McKee. "Capital Budgeting Decisions for Electricity Distribution Cooperatives: The Case of Cass County Electric Cooperative" (PDF)

P. Kenkel and R. Holcomb. "Producers Cooperative Oil Mill: A Case Study in Strategic Planning for a Cooperative" (PDF)

Book Reviews


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