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An internship is a valuable learning experience which provides students a summer job, an education about how a cooperative or other company conducts business, connections for future job opportunities as well as helping a student discover what career path is the best for them. Students who complete internships have a better understanding of the business world and are better employees because of this experience.

Information for Cooperative Employers

This is an opportunity for you to assist in educating one or more college students about cooperatives.  A summer internship gives each student and your cooperative established contacts that may lead to the permanent employment of the student in your business or another cooperative. A meaningful internship would allow the student to experience the different areas of the cooperative business by working several weeks in each of the business units. Another option would be to specialize the internships to marketing, finance, sales, management or plant operations.

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Information for Students interested in Internships

The Department of Agricultural Economics has a variety of resources for finding internships as does Career and Employment Services. The Kansas Cooperative Council also has resources for cooperative internships. Be sure to hit the Kansas State University career fairs as many cooperatives and other agribusinesses participate and have internship and full-time career opportunities.

K-State Department of Agricultural Economics Internship Resources

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Jobs and Internship Opportunities

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