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Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

ACCC Meetings: Conferences, Annual Meetings, Retreats and Workshops

The ACCC hosts several conferences each year for our cooperative constituents. In addition, the Director is asked to make presentations at a variety of conferences, workshops, retreats and meetings.  

Leadership Symposium for Cooperatives
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
K-State Alumni Center, Manhattan

Leading agricultural and rural experts will present their views and insights on challenges facing cooperatives.


Emerging Leaders: Building a Cooperative Finance Foundation
Postponed to July 2021
Bluemont Hotel, Manhattan

An innovative program for emerging leaders to learn basic cooperative finance information to better understand the unique role of a cooperative in the agribusiness community. An ACCC/KCC Meeting.


Emerging Leaders: Building Trusted Relationships

An innovative program for emerging leaders to learn what farmers are really thinking, to understand how to enrich trusted relationships in an evolving farmer landscape and to develop a plan for deepening trust with a key customer account.


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