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Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

About the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

The Arthur Capper Cooperative Center (ACCC) in the K-State Department of Agricultural Economics was established on June 11, 1984 by an agreement between Kansas State University and the Kansas Cooperative Council. Our purpose is to determine, develop and deliver research and education for the cooperative community.The Center's primary goal is to enhance society's understanding of the nature and role of cooperatives. We strive to develop and deliver innovative and integrated research and educational programs that are of direct interest to cooperatives. To do so, we encourage and need an open dialogue between Kansas State University, cooperative leaders in Kansas and other university and industry contacts across the United States.

ACCC Projects and Programs

  • Cooperative Student Scholarships
  • K-State Symposium on Cooperative Issues
  • CEO Roundtable for Cooperative Managers
  • CML Roundtable for Cooperative Managers
  • Cooperative Research
  • Cooperative Board Retreats
  • Cooperative Annual Meetings
  • and so much more

ACCC Flyer (PDF)

What We Do (PDF)

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