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Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

ACCC History

The Arthur Capper Cooperative Center (ACCC) was established in June 1984 as a public-private partnership between the Kansas Cooperative Council and the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. The mission of the ACCC, as stated in the Memorandum of Agreement, “is to support educational programs that enhance the understanding of the nature and role of cooperatives in our society.” 

A forty-six year career with a lasting impact on cooperatives was celebrated on March 20, 2019, with Dr. David Barton’s induction into the Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame by the Kansas Cooperative Council. At the banquet, surrounded by members of the Kansas cooperative community, family and friends, David Barton, Professor Emeritus of the K-State Department of Agricultural Economics and Director Emeritus of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center, was celebrated for the accomplishments in his career as an educator, consultant and cooperative executive. Dr. Barton made cooperatives more profitable and leaders more effective through his research projects and educational programs over the years. 

Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Dr. David Barton tribute video - created by the Kansas Cooperative Council and the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center, for the March 20, 2019 induction ceremony. 

Historical photos:

1987 Symposium:

87 Symposium3    87 Symposium1

   87 Symposium2   87 Symposium4 

 87 Symposium5  87 Symposium6  87 Symposium7   87 Symposium8

1988 Symposium:

1988 Symposium photo   1988 Symposium photo  1988 Symposium photo - Barton

 1989 Symposium:

89 Symposium1   89 Symposium2

89 Symposium3  89 Symposium6 

89 Symposium5    89 Symposium9

89 Symposium789 Symposium4     

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